1. > Abiator's Interactive English Activities - numerous activities on numerous concepts. external image interactive_arrow.gif
  2. Abiator's Worksheets - English skills worksheets; these combine many concepts per sheet. - upper elementary and middle school.
  3. Alphabet Book - Garfield the Cat introduces the alphabet. Use these letter booklets to identify letters, identify phoneme, write the letter and more!
  4. Authentic American English Pronunciation - (Fantastic site) Lessons are available on quite a few topics. Each lesson provides the pattern, gives examples, provided practice (a lot of practice), and ends with a quiz. Each word in the quiz can be pronounced for the student by clicking on the speaker icon. This site would be good for Language Arts or ESL classes.
  5. AOL@school presents language arts resources for Primary school.
  6. BBC - Interactive Language Arts Lessons at the BBC - topics: reading, writing, and spelling & grammar external image interactive_arrow.gif
  7. Books - Garfield Think-Aloud Series - "Help learners use effective reading strategies purposefully and independently." Teacher materials and student material and assessment options.
  8. Book Wizard - Search tool that will create individualized reading lists based on interests, reading ability, and age level.
  9. Capitalization and Punctuation - from Grammar Blast
  10. Characters - Select a Character to write about, and then click on that character to start writing your story! You can print the story when you finish. (may be blocked by some state filters)
  11. Compass Learning Sample Activities - Grades K-8 sample activities. Scroll to your grade level. Also has Math, Science and Social Studies games.
  12. Cursive: Lowercase - Alphabet Animation - To see the animation, move your mouse over a letter on this page. (from the site, Handwriting for Kids)
  13. Diamante Poem - Interactive site to create a diamante poem
  14. Dolch Phrases - Print these for your students to practice
  15. Dolch Flash Cards - print these for your students to practice
  16. Easy Reader Books - "Use these entertaining stories to practice sight words in engaging contexts. There are two versions of these stories available. The first is unedited and can be used to gain familiarity with the text. The “altered version” gives students the ability to fill in the blank with the correct sight words. Additionally, there are Flash Card and Bingo-type games that allow children to practice with the words in isolation or in groups."
  17. Editting - Goofs - Use as whole class activity. Find the goof in the sentence. Answer follows question.
  18. English Basics worksheets - Teaching reinforcement and review, multiple topics
  19. English Grammar Online - Explanations and examples of English grammar topics, listed by alphabetically order.
  20. English Grammar The Easy Way - This site has a very comprehensive collection of brief grammar explanations for students. A great site if you want some concise support.
  21. Fake-Out - A definition guessing game for 3 levels of students; k-2, 3-5, 6+. Students guess the definition of a chosen word. But the real fun comes from submitting their own fake definition for the next week's word.
  22. Five main types of organizers - links showing examples of many types
  23. Free Books to print - 30 books to print along with their worksheets.
  24. Free Reading - A great site! Free online early literacy program Letter Sounds, Letter Writing, Phonological Awareness, Sounding Out, Word Form, Irregular words, Listening vocab, Advanced Phonics
  25. Grammar - Practice grammar with interactive games from BBC
  26. Grammar Bytes - Interactive site with lessons on comma splices and fused sentences along with irregular verbs.
  27. Grammar and Style - Notes from Jack Lynch at the University of Pennsylvania. Example entry on the subject of Boldface; "There's no reason to use boldface in an academic paper; spend your time writing, not fiddling with the word processor."
  28. Harcourt Language Site - Many activities to practice grammar skills, vocabulary, and writing. Some activities are online quizzes.
  29. Idioms - [this link opens on a new page] Concentration style game.
  30. Idioms - online quiz , self correction
  31. Idioms - [this link opens on a new page] children have drawn pictures on what they think the idioms mean. Big list of idioms
  32. Interactive Language exercises - grammar, sentence fragments, punctuation, spelling
    1. Printable versions of the activities
  33. Interactive Reading and Language Arts Study Activities - Grades 3,4 5 and 8. Also End of course quizzes
  34. Letter Rip - great vocabulary building game
  35. Letter Writing - a Letter Generator to help learn the parts of a letter
  36. Letter Writing - Tips for writing letters and a letter template to work with at the bottom. Click on New Letter Writing Interactive.
  37. Literactive - Free registration, poems, books, worksheets to go along with stories, audio- poems and books can be listened to or read by the student.
  38. Literature Based Reading Units - twenty second-grade units with worksheets to print
  39. Literature links to foster Critical Thinking - Nine Literature Units for primary level reading books which promote the critical thinking skills of interpretation, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  40. Long vowels - Ten colourful poems (this is a UK site) with animation, audio and activities - featuring Daisy the snail, the toad and the goat, and friends.
  41. Novels; Children's Literature - classified by author
  42. Novel Guides - from Classzone; activities and suggestions for novels.
  43. Novel Guide-Novel Analysis - literary analysis on the web; an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary Literature Profiles, Metaphor Analysis, Theme Analyses, and Author Biographies.
  44. Novels - Teaching Guides - from Harperchildren; " include general discussion questions and suggestions for reaching across the curriculum: math, science, language arts, music, and social studies."
  45. Novels - from ProTeacher; click on the Activities by Title to find resources for a particular book, or click on the other links to find other great resources.
  46. Online Children's Stories - There are a lot of stories available on the Internet to read or download. Some of them are from well-known books, others can be found only online.
  47. Phonics and Word Study - [preK-6] from Sadlier-Oxford. Use your knowledge of letters, sounds, and words as you try out the games and activities below. Categorized by grade levels
  48. Phonics Inventory - The site has an inventory sheet that can be printed and used to assess students' phonics ability (directions included). A very good assessment of student ability.
  49. Ping Pong Word Learning Program - help your students memorize words easily.
  50. Power Proofreading from Houghton Mifflin - Help! The power has gone out at HME-TV, and proofreaders are needed to fix TV scripts, memos and other writing at the station. HM has provided a special power screen so your students can help them. (grades 3-8) external image interactive_arrow.gif
  51. Quia Language Games - [this link opens on a new page] Tracy Gefroh Boyd, M. S., CCC-SLP has created many language activities for her Speech and Language site.
  52. Reading - from the Santa Maria Bonita School District; K through 6th grade ideas, activities, charts, worksheets and more!
  53. Reading Activities (from the BBC) - match games with words, letters and rhyming words external image interactive_arrow.gif
  54. Reading Comprehesion Stories - For 2nd grade students
    1. Dinosaurs - read and answer questions
    2. Penguins - read and answer questions
    3. Dinosaurs 2 - read and answer questions
    4. Reading Comprehension stories - many short stories to read and answer questions
    5. Reading Comprehension stories - many short stories to read and answer questions
    6. Reading for Information - many short stories to read and answer questions
    7. Reading for Meaning - many short stories to read and answer questions
    8. Reading for Vocabulary Improvement - many short stories to read and answer questions
    9. Sonoran Desert - read and complete art page using information from story
  55. Reading Comprehension Strategy worksheets and stories - grades 3-5
  56. Reading Comprehension worksheets - This section features all new weekly worksheets, provided free for teachers and parent-teachers to copy and use. They are most appropriate for the upper elementary and middle school years.
  57. Reading Passages for Elementary Students - Passages and questions
  58. ReadPrint - free online library, thousands of free books.
  59. Reading Rainbow - Broadcasting schedule plus teaching activities for the stories presented.
  60. The Reading Room - posters to print, games to play, word charts for your classroom and much more! (grades K-2)
  61. Reading Strategies - Strategies for Reading Comprehension
  62. Reading Units - Chapter books with lesson plans, vocabulary assignments and more.
  63. Reading Worksheets - Reading passages and questions to print (grades 2&3)
  64. Readio - This is a program to be downloaded. The students read into a microphone and the system listens to the child reading, providing timely support and encouragement.
  65. Schoolhouse: English and Language Arts - Lesson plans and Internet resources in the areas of Poetry, Reading, and Writing. The site also includes Internet resources in the areas of Literature, Philosophy, and Plays. Schoolhouse also includes links to Standards sites.
  66. Sentence Clubhouse - select a type of sentence and make corrections to the samples given
  67. See it, Say it, Write it - Great site for sequencing and non-stove cooking!
  68. Sites for Children Literature and Language - Compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children; includes children's stories, authors, classics and other links.
  69. Spelling it Right - Learn to Spell Confidently - free worksheets and advice from an experienced English teacher
  70. Weaving The Internet Through Your Elementary Literacy Curriculum
  71. Wordblender - make words by choosing a start sound (onset) and an end sound (rime) to blend together
  72. Word Play - click on a word and watch it play
  73. Words and Word Play - Numerous activities using words.
  74. Words and Pictures - These games and activities from the BBC will make learning phonics fun.
  75. Word Walls - Everything you need to create a wall of sight words is available here! Pre-primer through Third grade!
  76. World Wide Words - Each week you will find at least one short article or extended definition of a word which is too new to appear in most dictionaries
  77. WritingFix for Kids... Come and choose a game to play, from their list of games today. If you have some paper near they think you'll write while you are there.
For Teachers
  1. Children's Literature and Language Arts Resources - This page focuses on children's literature in education. Teachers, library media professionals, parents and students will find information on children's literature and associated language arts here
  2. Calculating Reading Levels
    1. Tameri Guide - Calculating Reading Levels - Tools for calculating reading levels - a series of methods whose functions are used to determine the reading levels for different student age groups.
    2. Free Online Reading Assessment - Mindplay
    3. Fry’s Readability Graph and Directions - posted by Kathy Schrock with permission of the author
    4. Fry's Readability Test -Educational Psychologist
    5. Readability Tests Interpretation - Learn to interpret the tests.
    6. Reading Ability Screening Test - Child Development Institute
    7. Reading Competency Test - National Right to Read Foundation
    8. Reading Level Calculator - Linda Wasmer Andrews
    9. Schonell Reading Test -