Richland School District

The Architect's Chair - (6-8) With a partner, students will use the internet to; "sit in the architect's chair," as they design a home beginning to end.
The Art of Culture - (9-10) This WebQuest explores four cultures and examples of their art. You are a museum curator who has the responsibility of creating an exciting display that will exemplify the meaning of the culture you have studied for weeks.
ArtQuest - (9-12) This Web Quest has students writing about art form may different angles.
external image newburst.gifArt WebQuest - (6-8) In this quest, students will research at least 3 artists, analyze their painting style, compare and contrast their style, create an original piece of art, evaluate one's own work, and write a description of the mural.
external image newburst.gifBelleville: le Musee des Beaux Arts - (9-12) In this quest, students explore major art movements and select works to be displayed in a French chateau/museum.
Bringing Lyrics to Life - (9-12) This WebQuest guides students how to create a multimedia book by integrating HyperStudio.
Comic Strip Quest - (4-8) Students learn how to create a comic strip.
external image newburst.gifEdgar Allan Poe: Father of Horror - (8) This quest takes a creative look at Poe's troubled life and how it shaped his stories of horror.
external image newburst.gifFashionQuest -(9-12) students are asked to play the role of a costume designer who must come up with designs and information about a particular historical period (Ex. Roaring Twenties) which they present on a poster to present to the "director and producer of the film"
external image newburst.gifGallery of Art-i-facts - (9-12) Students explore culture, geography and history of a region through art by designing a new thematic museum wing.
external image newburst.gifInfluencing Your Photographic Eye - (9-12) In this quest students study a particular photographer from a given list and adopt his or her style as you take a new roll of photographs.
Impressionism- (9-12) This WebQuest is for students who are interested in the Impressionist Movement.
Investigating Prehistoric and Modern Art WebQuest - (6-8) You are a group of cave dwellers from prehistoric time, who have been propelled by a time machine into the future. Your mission is to retrieve stolen artwork from the Paleolithic (Prehistoric) Period.
external image newburst.gifMathart: Connecting Math and Art - (9-12) This quest design and teach a lesson that integrates art and math.
external image newburst.gifMural-venture - (9-12) Students learn about Nicaraguan murals by creating a mural tour brochure.
external image newburst.gifNicaraguaQuest - (9-12) Students engage in the politics, history, and culture of Nicaragua through role-playing and discussion.
external image newburst.gifPiet Mondrian - (9-12) Students assemble a virtual museum exhibition of Mondrian's works.
external image newburst.gifSee the Music, Feel the Rhythm! You are a member of a band -- a band that has an exciting new challenge! You have been invited to perform at the School for the Deaf.
external image newburst.gifRadio Production - (9-12) In this WebQuest students work together to develop a music playlist for a radio station.
external image newburst.gifRestoring the Nike - (9-12) The statue of Nike in the Louvre is missing its head, arms and a foot. What did it look like when first sculpted? Student will draw and sculpt a defensible answer based on research to win the competition.
external image newburst.gifRetelling the Classic Tales - (7-9) Drama students will be responsible for all aspects of a performance of a play based on a fairy tale.
external image newburst.gifSo Many books so little time - (9-12) Students will research the haiku form and create a book of haikus using calligraphy and the elements of art.
external image newburst.gifSonny's Blues - (9-12) In this quest, students will write a song about the Blues
external image newburst.gifSpring Concert Time, Already? - (9-12) Students will research and select appropriate music for a High School or Adult choir's concert; go through the process of purchasing music, keeping track of expenses, and designing a program.
external image newburst.gifStill Got the Blues - (9-10) Reveal your hidden musical talents, while helping Sonny express to his brother what "The Blues" means to him.
The Search for Absurdity! - (9-12) Discover the historical and cultural origins of Absurdity as a philosophical and creative force.
external image newburst.gif2030: Homesteading Mars - this website compares homesteading in the Midwest to homesteading Mars
external image boy6.gifexternal image girl6.gif

external image careers.gif
Online college degrees at is a great online university that covers many fields.
external image newburst.gifCareer Choices! When do we make them? (9-12) In today's society, planning for a future takes times, energy, and dedication to the task. When does an individual begin to think about the careers that will forever be a part of their lives?
Careers Past and Present - (7-9) Students will explore the history of careers and in the future, these "surfing" skills will help them find career information to determine openings and apply on-line for the position they want.
external image newburst.gifCreative Problem solving - (9-12) The WebQuest engages students in creative problem solving that provides a platform for language use.
external image newburst.gifCrime Prevention - (9-12) The purpose of this WebQuest is to prepare students for a town meeting about crime prevention.
external image newburst.gifFind a need and fill it - (9-12) Students will learn the value of community involvement as they set about finding and filling needs in their community.
external image newburst.gifMath Models and Economics - (9-12) This WebQuest was designed to fulfill most of one semester requirement for Math Models and Economics courses for high schools. It includes: Buying/Leasing a vehicle; Buying/Renting a house; Budget and Career; and Investment.
external image newburst.gifPrison Release SuccessQuest - (9-12) Students will design a plan for Mexican prisoners preparing to return to society.
Put Your School On the Web - (9-12) In this quest students will take the roles of student, teacher, parent, principal and district administrator and work to bring their varying points of view together enough to create policies to govern a school web site and a mock-up of the actual site.
The Goal Reaching Process - (9-12) Students will career options, formulate a concrete and measurable goal. Students will design a plan for attaining their goal.
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external image newburst.gifWhere Will You Go From Here? (8)A Career Exploration WebQuest for Eighth Graders

external image ESL.gif
Wondering the World - (4-8) This WebQuest was created to be used in an ESL class. The destinations can be changed to reflect the native countries of the students. Students will learn about each other’s countries as well as using integrated English skills.

external image english.gif
external image newburst.gifA Dickens of a Quest - (9-12) Students will determine Dickens' intent in writing A Tale of Two Cities.
external image newburst.gifA Pilgrim's Tale - (9-12) In an Artistic Team, it is your task to create an original story for one of the 32 pilgrims. This story is to be written in script form, then to be staged as a play
A Separate Peace - (9-12) Your job will be to create a time capsule for Gene that will help him remember the summer that changed his life.
external image newburst.gifA wind in the Door - (9-12) Compare and contrast what you read in this sci-fi fantasy to the facts you learn in biology class.
Adam of the Road - (6-8) (6.5,7.5,8.5) This WebQuest will take you back in time to learn what your life is like as a young person growing up in England in the Middle Ages. It will also assist you as you read Adam of the Road with your class.
external image newburst.gifAll Roads Lead to Rome - (9-12) Students will research Ancient Roman life to gain requisite understanding for study of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
external image newburst.gifBayQuest - (9-12) A group of citizens has hired your group to investigate the problems and causes of nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Your job is to provide a comprehensive folio of information on the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay for the client, Concerned Coastal Citizens.
Bringing Lyrics to Life - (9-12) In this WebQuest you will find out more about the music you love, read the words to your favorite songs, and create new ways of presenting the songs so they make personal sense to you!
Advertising WebQuest - (4-8) (4.7,5.7,6.7,7.8,7.9,8.5,8.6) Working with your company group, you will be responsible for searching through all of the included web site resources for ideas, criteria, information, and reasons for specific ways of advertising on the Internet.
America Dreams Through the Decades - (6-12) (6.1,6.4,7.10,C/T8.1, 9.2,10.1,10.10,11.3,12.8) This WebQuest challenges you to investigate the American Dream...look through the eyes of those who lived before us.
external image newburst.gifApples (K-2) You have just landed on a STRANGE planet, EARTH!!! Hey, what are those things hanging from that tree?
Appreciating the Globe Theatre (9-12)
(9.4,10.10,12.6) Part of understanding Shakespeare is appreciating his unusual theater. Students will investigate this theater, as well as its recent reconstruction.

Amistad Revolt - (9-12) You will be called upon to analyze the plot of the film, to participate in an online debate and to gather enough pertinent information from the Internet to construct a timeline of significant events in this case.
An Unsolved Mystery - (11-12) Students will write a historical mystery
external image newburst.gifAnalyzing Afghanistan - (11-12) Students will create a biographical report about a fictitious Afghan citizen
external image newburst.gifAnthem: A Utopian Society - (8) Students will design a utopian society. Build's on the reading of Ayn Rand's novel.
external image newburst.gifArk Helpers Society - (9-12) Members of the Ark Helpers Society are zoo keepers who must design an informational brochure of an endangered or threatened animal of their choice.
external image newburst.gifAtlantis Quest - (9-12) Students are about to embark upon an expedition to uncover the truth about Atlantis.
A Separate Peace (7-12) Fifteen years after leaving Devon School, Gene returns and reflects on his experiences as a sixteen-year-old boy attending the preparatory school in 1942 during World War II.
external image newburst.gifAuthor Cards Baseball cards have led to NASCAR cards, football cards, basketball cards, and even rock star cards. What if the library had author cards to look at?
The Awakening (7-12) Kate Chopin's novel The Awakening is a provocative account of one woman's quest for freedom in her restrictive environment.
external image newburst.gifBack in Time: Historical Fiction - (9-12) your task is to travel back in time and write your own short story taking into consideration the literary elements we’ve discussed in class
Bay Quest – (9-12) This WebQuest examines the causes of nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.
external image girl4.gifexternal image boy4.gif
Bringing Lyrics to Life – (9-12) This WebQuest helps students to create a multimedia book by integrating HyperStudio.
Banned Books Quest - (9-12) (9.2,10.1,10.10,11.1,12.1) The High School Student Council must decide what its stand will be on the school board's decision to remove several books from the school libraries.
By the Way of the Moon - (6-8) (6.1,6.5,6.7,7.8,8.5,C/T8.1,C/T8.2) Students will analyze the space program in the 1960's in regard to its social, political, and economic effects.
Celtic Mythology - (5-8) (5.7,6.8,7.8,8.5) The year is 57 A.D. and your Celtic tribe has been pushed into Ireland by invading Roman forces! In order to save your culture, you are placing oral history and religion into written form
Cavern World – (9-12) Students will design a cavern world by completing the sections and answering the following questions. Make the cavern world believable and answer the questions in each section.
Censorship and Fahrenheit 451 – (9-12) You have been appointed to the Government's Freedom of Speech Commission. The Commission is studying issues related to Censorship and has asked you to investigate some of the history of censorship and to use the information to help the Commission make judgments about contemporary censorship issues.
Celebrate!! An exploration of New Year's celebrations throughout the world - (1,2 &7) (1.11,12,2.11,C/T5.3) This lesson is an exploration of New Year's traditions and customs around the world through use of the internet. Older students help the younger students.
external image newburst.gifCinderella: New Twist on an Old Tale (3-6) Imagine that you and a team of fellow archaeologists have been contracted by the U.N. Historical Society to uncover artifacts from the Ancient Greek culture.
external image newburst.gifChallenge, Intrigue, & Perspective: - (9-12) You have been entrusted to negotiate a lasting peace treaty for Jerusalem during the most favorable time for peace. Who has the right to exist on this land and how to ensure the survival and security of the Arabs and Israelis are key points you must ultimately negotiate as envoys of the diplomatic corps for the Arabs, Israel, and the United States.
external image newburst.gifChoose Your Own Adventure – (9-12) Students develop interactive stories with multiple twists of plot and points of view
Creating an Anthology of Literature - (9-12) (9.1,9.3,9.6,10.3,10.8,10.9,11.7,12.6) This WebQuest asks students to think about what they read, what they like about what they read, and how they would put together their own anthology of literature.
The Crucible: Timeless Persecutions - (10-12) (10.6,11.7,12.6) The Crucible exemplifies persecutions/discriminations during the Salem Witch Trials. Has the witch-hunt ended? Is history doomed to repeat itself again and again? Seek and you will discover!
external image newburst.gifCorruption in Lit – (9-12) This WebQuest shows how corruption in So. Florida is similar to HEART OF DARKNESS by Joseph Conrad.
external image newburst.gifCourtship and Marriage - (9-12) When Juliet met Romeo, she was already under consideration as a bride. Despite the fact that she was only 13 years old, her father was already planning her marriage. The customs of Renaissance Italy were very different from today's American customs. Your task will be to find out how the rest of the world feels about the traditions of courtship and marriage.
external image newburst.gifCreate a Travel Brochure – (7-12) You and three of your classmates have just been chosen to be the founding fathers of a new company called "The Sky's the Limit." This company will be marketing a rare product, one which will be highly valued by all human beings who enjoy traveling, but don't have the time, resources, or perhaps the energy to research the area to which they would like to travel.
external image newburst.gifCreating the 8th Continent – (9) You will create a utopian society which will be presented to the class using a multimedia method. Your new society will be based on research done about government, environment/health, social aspect, transportation, and education.
external image newburst.gifCulture Quest (4-6) One day during lunch, two students got into a fight. The fight started when one of the students made fun of the other student's lunch.
CyberScience Mag - (8-12)(8.5,9.6,10.7,12.7) Ms. Billswoggle, the creator of Biomag, an international magazine, wants to expand her reading audience by a creating science magazine that appeals to young adults. She is considering your team to launch this new magazine.
Decisions – (7-12) In this WebQuest, you will learn about great American decisions and find out if you have what it takes to make decisions that could affect millions.
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Deaf Biography WebQuest - (4-8) (4.4,5.5,5.7,6.4,6.7,7.5,7.8,8.3,8.4,8.5) In honor of Deaf Awareness Week, this quest would like you to get to know some Deaf people and share your knowledge with others in class.
Desert Quest (4-6) The school that you attend wants to build a mini-desert botanical garden filled with plants, animals, reptiles, birds and rocks/minerals that can be found in Arizona.
Diary of Anne Frank: (8-10)(8.4,8.5,9.3,9.6,10.3,10.7,10.9) Multiple activities, which emphasize analytical thinking and student creativity, guide students through an emotional yet engaging topic.
external image newburst.gifThe Diary of Anne Frank After reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, you will be ready to embark on your time travel adventure.
Discover The Renaissance - (9-12) (9.3,9.4,9.6,10.3,10.7) Your Mission is to leap into the life of a character listed. Find out as much as possible about your character including social status, daily life, talents and occupation.
external image newburst.gifExploring The Native American Myth (SOL 11.3, 11.7) English 11- This web lesson is a part of an 11th grade unit in Colonial American literature. The focus on Native American culture is designed to provide insight into the literary contributions, values and experiences of the original inhabitants of this continent.
external image newburst.gifEdgar Allan – Poe: Father of Horror - (9-12) The local theatre consortium has decided to hold a Poe Festival. They have narrowed the number of selections to six. You are part of a team that will research Poe's life and works to help the consortium decide which of the six they will include in the Festival.
external image newburst.gifeGallery of Tragic Heroes in Literature and Life – (9-12) You will develop and submit a website on the archetypical pattern of the tragic hero. Your completed website will be entitled an "eGallery of Tragic Heroes in Literature and Life."
external image newburst.gifEnergy Quest – (9-12) Your mission, should you choose to accept it (not accepting it will, of course, mean that civilization as you now know it will cease to exist, so I suggest you not decline), is to convince the Secretary-General that your renewable energy resource is the most viable option.
external image newburst.gifEvil in Literature – (9-12) This WebQuest directs students to realize imagery that Shakespeare uses to portray Macbeth as an evil character.
external image newburst.gifExtra! Extra! Read All About It! The Great Gatsby – (9-12) Research the time period of the 1920s as well as critically analyze the novel of The Great Gatsby. The work is compiled in a period magazine.
Extreme Sports WebQuest - (9-12) Your team will travel across the country covering various extreme sports festivals and events. This will give you an opportunity to explore America, as well as impress the editor with your abilities.
Ellis Island - (4) (4.4,4.7,4.9) The Katonah-Lewisboro Immigration Museum is compiling information about all recent immigrants to America. The time period is 1860-1900. Your task is to make a scrapbook using pictures, journal entries, letters, artifacts, inspection papers, currency and identification.
Fairy Tale Quest - (4-8) 4.4,5.5,5.7,C/T5.4,6.4,7.5,7.9,C/T8.1,8.2) Pretend you are the editor of Happily Ever After Travel and Fairy Tale News, and you have been chosen to visit different countries on the World Wide Web. You will be told exactly which countries you will visit and what you will do at each location.
external image newburst.gifF. Scott Fitzgerald and the 1920s – (9-12) Your task for this WebQuest is to become "party planners" and collaborate to plan a Jazz Age bash worthy of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald themselves. Each of you will choose a role and you will research the 20s from the perspective of that role.
external image newburst.gifFact or Fiction: Truth, Opinion, and the Web – (9-12) This WebQuest is designed to help you sort "good" information from "bad".
external image newburst.gifFahrenheit 451The woman in Fahrenheit 451 who burned herself with her books was willing to die for what she believed in. She refused to bow down to the firemen and did not allow them to take her books from her.
Fan Letter - (6-8) (7.9) Students will select their favorite player from one of the NFL or NBA teams from the list, compose, and write a letter to be mailed to this player.
external image newburst.gifFarewell to Manzanar WebQuest - (9-12) Farewell to Manzanar is Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's memoir of her experiences during World War II, when Japanese-Americans were held at internment camps because of their ancestry. As an introduction to her memoir, we will be exploring many of the issues related to internment
external image newburst.gifFind a Need and Fill It – (9-12) This WebQuest will call upon you to discover a need in your community, use your imagination to find a solution and your ingenuity to fill the need.
Frankenstein AP Summer Project – (12) The project involves the following: using the Internet, reading a novel, reading and evaluating essays about the novel, reading reviews of the novel, writing a movie review, presenting your findings on character personalities creatively and of course writing two papers.
external image boy7.gifexternal image girl7.gif
Freedom Of The Press Vs. Prior Review - (9-12) (9.3,9.4,9.5,9.6,10.6,10.7,11.6,11.7,12.6) Romeo (a senior) and Juliet (a freshman) are students in your HS who committed suicide after their families tried to keep them apart due to their age differences. Your student newspaper wants to devote most of the next issue on this news story.
external image newburst.gifFrightened Franklin in the Forest (K-2) Welcome!!! Hey! It's me, Franklin! I am a turtle that can tie his shoes, and count by twos. Can you?
external image newburst.gifGive Jonas a New Home – (9-12) Once your team understands the basic aspects of a utopia, you will be responsible for creating a new community. You will be required to visualize a utopian lifestyle in which Jonas will thrive. Each teammate will choose a specific aspect to research and you must work together in order to create a new utopian community for Jonas that will combine all these aspects.
external image newburst.gifGood and Evil in Beowulf – (9-12) Students realize what happens when the Yin-Yang collides with Beowulf and Grendel to produce good and evil.

external image newburst.gifGood and Evil in Lord of the Flies – (9-12) Students take the seat of a clinical psychologist as they examine depravity in Lord of the Flies.
external image newburst.gifThe Giver (9-12) Many people find themselves frustrated at the ending of The Giver because they want to know what happens to Jonas and the baby. This is your chance to help create an ending!
external image newburst.gifThe Glass Menagerie (7-12) In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, Laura is a young woman who spends all her time playing old phonograph records and playing with her glass menagerie.
external image newburst.gif"Great Expectations" for a Creative Textbook – (9-12) Congratulations! Your group of four students is about to be presented with quite an opportunity! You are going to create a short textbook anthology of 19th and 20th century literature
external image newburst.gifHeart of Darkness – (9-12) This web quest introduces high school students to five schools of literary criticism, and asks them to apply what they have learned to select passages from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Students should use this web quest after reading and studying Heart of Darkness is a classroom environment.
external image newburst.gifHeroes- (6)(6.4) Many people have written about their heroes. Your job is to read about the heroes and choose one that you think should be put on a Hero of the Year Stamp.
Heroes Among Us: World War II Interview Project (9-12) Research, create, and interview using the World War II setting
Heroes WebQuest - (9-12) You are now a member of HEROES, Helping Earthlings Retain Order for an Equal Society. Your team must define the Qualities that make a hero and find real Earthlings who show these heroic qualities.
external image newburst.gifI Am Joe's...- (9-12) Students learn about structure, function and medical importance of a part of the body and write a report similar to the "I Am Joe's" and "I Am Jane's" series of articles published in Reader's Digest in the 1970's.
external image newburst.gifIn the Middle of the Night (9-21) In the book In The Middle Of The Night, by Robert Cormier, newspapers and reporters played a large role in the development of the story. Now, YOU will be a reporter writing for a local paper.
external image newburst.gifIntolerance and Fear - Constructing New Tomorrows (9-12) Understanding intolerance, fear and hate and deciding what to do when faced with them
external image newburst.gifJack London: Adventurer, Writer, and Thinker
(9-12) A WebQuest for 11th Grade American Literature critiquing the works of Jack London.
external image newburst.gifThe Jazz Kid Paulie Horvath is a twelve-year-old boy from Chicago. The time is during the 1920's. He has trouble in school and doesn't think he will ever be a good student like his brother.

external image newburst.gifJean-Paul Sartre NO EXIT Webquest ( 9-12) Student prove they exist. Students examine the concept of hell.
John Merrick: An Extraordinary Life – (9-12) A lesson built around the life of John Merrick "The Elephant Man." Students research Merrick's life, disease, personality, etc. to create a 3-part medical journal. They will also produce a 5 paragraph persuasive essay on their opinion of Mr. Merrick's character.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Scavenger Hunt - (6-8) (6.4,7.5) Do you know the true story of the Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family? This WebQuest will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the author's fascinating experiences.
external image newburst.gifLagoon Lament (4-12) Students must work together to find a way to restore and preserve the ecological balance and beauty of a local waterway threatened by users with conflicting interests.
external image newburst.gifLearning from Lighthouses (4-6) During our study of the Southeastern States our class has read several current newspaper articles about the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse of North Carolina's Outer Banks being moved.

Let's Squash Tobacco Use! – (9-12) This quest creates an anti-smoking campaign for teens.
Letters to ....Nora and Torvald - (11-12) (11.8) It allows the students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the characters in the play, and the main themes of the play, by asking them to put themselves in the place of the characters two times, and to make predictions about that characters future actions based on their past behavior.
The Light in the Forest - (7-8) 7.4,7.6,8.2,8.4) Students will learn how difficult it is to lose a culture, and be expected to assimilate yourself into another. They will learn about the Lenni Lenape way of life during the time period Conrad Richter placed the characters in "The Light in the Forest".
external image newburst.gifLiterary Period Exploration (9-12) When you study and read literature, it is important to investigate the historical context of the literary works. Understanding the historical context will also help you to understand the writer's ideas and techniques.
external image newburst.gifLord of the Flies – (9-12) Students in the Quest will design a survival strategy and bill of rights.

external image newburst.gifMission to Mars - (9-12) Students will create a newscast, diary, autobiography and logo around the first human voyage to Mars.

external image newburst.gifNineteenth Century American Women Writers: Discovering the Lost pages of Our "Scribbling Women" – (9-12) This quest invites students to explore the works of 19th century American women writers whose works are commonly neglected in state adopted literature anthologies.
external image newburst.gifNight - (9-12) Students will complete five tasks that will increase your knowledge about the complex events of W.W.II and the Holocaust. Builds on Weisel's book Night.
Notable Author WebQuest - (4-5) (4.1,4.2,4.4,5.3,5.5) A student researches a favorite author, explores links, reads a novel and reports back to class.
external image newburst.gifOdyssey Quest – (9) Students explore Homer's Odyssey and assume the persona of one of the characters. After researching their character, students design a slideshow recounting their experience with Odysseus from the character's point of view.

external image newburst.gifOdyssey Theme Park - (9-12) Students create a new theme park based on the epic.
external image newburst.gifOf Mice and Men WELCOME TO THE "OF MICE AND MEN" ARCHIVE Remember: You Break It, You Bought It!
external image newburst.gifThe Old Man and the Sea (7- 12) The Old Man and the Sea is Ernest Hemingway's novel about an old Cuban fisherman and his extraordinary battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream.
external image newburst.gifPeaceQuest – (9-12) This quest is designed to engage society in a dialogue to eliminate hatred and bigotry, to foster understanding and tolerance and to bring peace to our world.

external image newburst.gifPersonal Reflections on Vietnam – (9-12) Students take on roles that portray different perspectives regarding the Vietnam War.

external image newburst.gifPoetry and the Planets – (9-12) Student create a poem that uses metaphor and simile to describe the appearance of planetary surfaces.
external image newburst.gifOur Sun-Sational Star (3-5) Did you know that our sun is a star? Our sun is a powerful star that makes life possible on our planet by providing light and heat.
external image newburst.gifOur Town (7-12) Grover's Corners, 1903: a small town where nothing much happens and life pushes on no matter what.
external image newburst.gifPolar Ice Caps – (9-12) students look at exploration at the polar ice caps and then plan a trip. Interdisciplinary.

external image newburst.gifProgressive Era & World War I – (9-12) Students design a time capsule that captures the defining moments of this era.

external image newburst.gif Put Your School On the Web – (9-12) Students take the roles of student, teacher, parent, principal and district administrator and work to bring their varying points of view together enough to create policies to govern a school web site and a mock-up of the actual site.
external image newburst.gifOut of the Dust (7-12) Bring your spoon and prepare to "dig in" to the mysteries of the dustbowl
Public Libraries and the Internet - (9-12) (9.2,9.6,10.1,10.9,11.1,11.7,12.1) To Filter or Not to Filter A Web Quest - Students will participate in making decisions about the Internet policy for their local public library.
Quest for Poetry - (1-8) Several teams have been hired to do research and create sample books. Your goal is to produce and present a sample poetry book that will convince the company board members that this is a profitable and worthy endeavor.
A Raisin in the Sun - (8-12) (8.2,8.3,8.5,9.3,10.3,10.7,11.3,11.7) After completing these exercises, students should have a better understanding of the setting and the relationships of the characters from A Raisin in the Sun.
external image newburst.gifRadio Production – (9-12) In this WebQuest students work together to develop a music playlist for a radio station.
external image newburst.gifRead2Kids: A WebQuest for Tutors – (9-12) In this WebQuest participants will learn about the methods and importance of reading aloud to young children.
external image newburst.gif Reading Buddies - (9-12) In this quest students learn about illiteracy, design a children's book and read it to elementary students.

Retelling the Classic Tales- (9-12) Drama students are responsible for all aspects of a performance of a play based on a fairy tale.

external image newburst.gif Remembering the Holocaust through Hyperlinked Poetry – (9-12) In this quest, after reading NIGHT, students learn step-by-step about imagery and creating a hyperlinked poem.
external image newburst.gifRewriting Romeo and Juliet – (9-12) Students rewrite a scene from Romeo and Juliet and create a Theatrical Portfolio.

external image newburst.gifRewriting Wuthering Heights – (9-12) Students will rewrite Wuthering Heights in a new time period.

external image newburst.gifRomeo and Juliet – (9-12) This quest is an interdisciplinary unit using Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare combining science and literature
external image newburst.gifSees Behind Trees (7-12) Choose a character in Behind Trees. You must research for as much information as you can on your character. His or her background, history, disabilities (if any), rituals performed, tools used, etc.
external image newburst.gifSeven Wonders of the Ancient World – (9-12) In this quest students travel back in time to evaluate the Seven Wonders to create an 8th Wonder

external image newburst.gifS. E. Hinton - (SOL 7.6, 7.9, 7.10) How fascinating to learn that the author of THE OUTSIDERS was a teenager just like you when she wrote this book! Let's see how much information we can find out about this cool author.

external image newburst.gifSonny's Blues – (9-12) Students write a song about the Blues
external image newburst.gifSticks and Stones – (9-12) Students design a public service announcement aimed at teens to discourage bullying and teasing.
external image newburst.gif Still Got The Blues – (9-12) In this quest, students learn about the Blues as an American art form by researching the history, people, musical structure, and lyrical quality. Ideal for students who are disengaged with the traditional English curriculum since it provides an alternate entry point through blues music.
external image newburst.gifStranded - Island of the Blue Dolphins Quest (5) - The doors burst open as your red-faced editor flies into the sleepy newsroom of the National Inspirer. "This is the hottest thing since yesterday's temperature!

Student Press Law and Ethics WebQuest - (10-12) (10.1,10.7,11.1,11.4,11.7) This WebQuest will give students practice tackling tricky ethical dilemmas, as well as make them more familiar with the laws governing the student press.
external image newburst.gifStudying the Background of Arthur Miller's The Crucible – (9-12) Students study various persecutions of people groups throughout history and develops a solution to prevent such persecutions for happening in the future.
external image newburst.gifTheir Eyes Were Watching God (11-12) Imagine that you are traveling through Florida and you run into a woman named Janie from Eatonville. She tells you all about her travels and you find that she has a great story to tell.
external image newburst.gifTitanic - Sink or Swim (G 3-5) "You are a "big shot" movie and book critic for The Crystal City Chronicle. Because your opinion is valued by millions, you have been chosen to research The Titanic!

external image newburst.gifThe Awakening - (9-12) As you read about Edna Pontellier, students will decide whether she was courageous or mentally disturbed; an inspiration or a threat to society.

external image newburst.gif Teach Me a Story – (9-12) Students work as a team of teachers to develop and deliver a lesson on a short story to their class.
external image newburst.gifThat's a Possibility: UFOs - (9-12) This quest is a debate on the existence of UFOs.

external image newburst.gif The Crucible: Timeless Persecutions – (9-12) Students will research persecutions in history and then write a play on the subject.
external image newburst.gifThe Great Gatsby WebQuest – (9-12) In this quest, students deepen their understanding of the novel "The Great Gatsby" through an examination of an aspect of cultural history of the 1920s.
external image newburst.gif The Devil's Arithmetic - (9-12) In this quest, students travel back to the Holocaust.

external image newburst.gifThe Goal Reaching Process – (9-12) In this quest, students research career options, formulate a concrete and measurable goal. Design a plan for attaining your goal.
external image newburst.gif The Outsiders – (9-12) A young boy is found dead in a local park, a victim of a stab wound. No further information is known. Your job is to investigate this mystery.
external image newburst.gif The Salem Sentinel – (9-12) In this quest, students, prior to the study of The Crucible, use this to learn about Salem pre-witch trials.

external image newburst.gif Their Eyes Were Watching God – (9-12) In this quest, students create an oral history for a character in the novel.
external image newburst.gifTherapy Animals, Yes or No? (9-12) Students investigate therapy animals and develop a persuasive multimedia presentation.
external image newburst.gif The Things They Carried – (9-12) Students recreate the contents of a Vietnam soldier's pack, thus discovering who the soldier was.
external image newburst.gif The Tinman Project – (9-12) Students will organize a community service project.
external image newburst.gif The Watson's Go To Birmingham – (9-12) This quest documents life in the segregated South of 1963.
external image newburst.gif Things Fall Apart – (9-12) In this quest, students examine the culture and history behind this African novel and relate it to larger questions.

external image newburst.gifThreads of Change in 19th Century America (9-12) In this quest, students are asked to synthesize their investigation of the "isms" of 19th century American literature and thought: Romanticism, Abolitionism, Feminism, Transcendentalism, Industrialism.
To Kill a Mockingbird - (8-10) (8.4,8.5,9.3,10.3) This WebQuest will take you back in time to learn what your life is like as a young person growing up in the 30s. Using what they learn, students will write a series of pen pal letters to someone living today.

To Kill a Mockingbird: Extra! – (9-12) Students produce a newspaper article on life in the South in the 1930s.
A Trip to Misty's Home - Chincoteague, VA - (3-5) (3.4,3.6,3.8,4.4,5.5,5.8,C/T5.3, 4) Now that you have enjoyed the book, Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry, students will learn more about a Chincoteague pony, Nick, from the World Wide Web.

True love or Not true love? – (9-12) In this quest, students consider the romantic actions of Romeo and Juliet, and weigh their choices against the consequences that resulted. Decipher the difference between love and lust.
Tuck Everlasting WebQuest - (5-8) (5.4,5.5,5.8,6.4,7.5,7.6,8.4,C/T8.1,2,4) Students working in groups will decide where is the setting of this book. To be convincing, you must compare and contrast your setting to details in the book.
Understanding Fallacies - (9-12) (9.4,11.4,12.4) This WebQuest is an exploration into the uses and misuses of reasoning fallacies, or more descriptively conceptualized as errors in judgment.

external image newburst.gifUnderstand Fallacies – (9-12) Students understand, analyze and compare logical fallacies.
external image newburst.gifUnder the Blood-Red Sun (7-12) This is a WebQuest on the novel Under the Blood-Red Sun.
external image newburst.gifWaiting For GODOT (7-12) "Understanding the play, the character, the philosophy, and Samuel Beckett
external image newburst.gifWarrior's Don't Cry This WebQuest is about the book Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Patillo Beals. The Brown v. Board of Education Doctrine states: "We conclude in the field of Education the doctrine of "separate but equal" has no place.
What Me Shakespeare? Or Wherefore Art Thou So Boring? - (9-12) (9.3,9.4,10.3,11.6,12.3) This web quest is dedicated to the mission of helping you enjoy the "Bard". You and three friends will form a group that will investigate just why Shakespeare is still around and actually enjoyed after all these four hundred or so years.
external image newburst.gif What the person is worth? – (9-12) In this quest, students explores India's caste system, equality, and gender roles with Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird as background.
external image newburst.gif Who Gets the Only Lifeboat? – (9-21) The world's largest ship is going to sink with all the major leaders of the world, including educators, doctors, religious leaders, and statesmen. Which of the four esteemed groups should be awarded the only lifeboat?
external image newburst.gif When I Grow Up – (9-12) This is a career exploration WebQuest that asks students to research a career.

external image newburst.gif Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Stand Up? – (9-12) Students assume the role of a juror and compile evidence to solve the Shakespearean authorship question.
external image newburst.gif Witchcraft or Witchhunt? – (9-12) In this quest, students compare the McCarthy era with the Salem witch trials by writing parallel diaries.

external image newburst.gif Witness for the Prosecution – (9-12) In this quest, students are asked to become lawyers and prove the Holocaust truly happened.
Women in Science - (6-8) (6.4,6.7,7.5,7.6,7.9,8.4,C/T8.1,2,4) To honor women scientists, the school newsletter, School Talk, is publishing a special edition showcasing the contributions of women scientists. You have been assigned the task of producing an article on a female scientist.
external image newburst.gif Women's Plight to Be Heard – (9-12) In this quest, women convince male businessmen over the need for a journal of women's writing.
World War II and the Four Freedoms –(9-12) After researching and analyzing the causes of WW II and U.S. involvement in the war, students will follow the writing process to write a persuasive essay defending the "Four Freedoms"
external image newburst.gifWringer (7-12) Wringer is a book about Palmer LaRue, a ten-year-old boy who fears his age more than anything else in the world. Why? Well, in his town, turning ten means becoming a "wringer".

WWW Handbook for Journalists - (8-10) (8.4, C/T8.1,2,4,9.4) You are the vanguard force of journalists at this school to explore the World Wide Web. Your job is to go out on the web and explore several sites that should be helpful to journalists.
external image newburst.gifYe Olde Shoppe – (9-12) In this quest, students will design a Medieval or Renaissance Period business.

external image newburst.gif You Teach the Decades – (9-12) Students will be given an opportunity for students to become the "teacher" while learning about the 20th Century.
external image newburst.gifZoom in on Your Future – (9-12) In this quest, students will find and describe a career.

external image frenchsign.gif
LE CIRQUE: A Global Simulation- (6-8) Students take on the identity of a circus performer as they visit ten French cities with their troupe of acrobats and animals. As members of the fictitious "Cirque Polar", they make decisions about the acts, itinerary and format of the circus.
San Diego-Biarritz Comparison - (9-12) An interdisciplinary quest student will create a web page, which compares the coastal areas of San Diego, California and Biarritz, France, by focusing on many areas.
external image boy12.gifexternal image girl11.gif

external image healthpe.gif
external image newburst.gif Addiction – (9-12) Some say that Substance Abuse is a matter of choice that you can just say "No". Others claim that it is a disease, that you inherit a predisposition to addiction. Which is it?

Adopt an Organ WebQuest - (6-8) Today we have two organs up for adoption, the heart and the brain. We have included a brief description, guidelines and research sites to help you to decide which organ to adopt.

Body Tune Up! - (4) This healthy lifestyle WebQuest will culminate in the production of the creation and performance of a radio program using a specific website to guide its creation.

external image newburst.gif FitQuest - (9-12) Students will design a fitness program for a client.

external image newburst.gif Foods of the U.S. - (9-12) Students will create a cookbook that reflects regional US cuisine and put together heart-healthy menus.
external image newburst.gif GE Foods - Friend or Foe? – (9-12) What are genetically engineered foods and are they dangerous to our health and to our environment? Students look at both sides of the issue and then discuss findings at the "World Food Conference".

I Am Joe's... – (9-12) Students learn about structure, function and medical importance of a part of the body and write a report similar to the "I Am Joe's" and "I Am Jane's" series of articles published in Reader's Digest in the 1970's.
external image newburst.gif Let's Squash Tobacco Use! – (9-12) Students will create an anti-smoking campaign for teens.

external image newburst.gif Mad Cow WebQuest – (9-12) Students will have choice of tasks based on responses to the Mad Cow epidemic.

Nutrition Mission - (6-9) A WebQuest For Healthy Eating Habits. You're mission should you except it, your mission is to educate Eugene and Bertha about the following: Food Pyramid, Daily Allowances, Reading A Food Label, Fast Food or Fat Food, Obesity
external image newburst.gif Personal Trainer – (9-12) Using provided profiles; students will create a health program that suits the needs, age, and current health.

Quantum Fitness - (6-8) You are now all Quantum Fitness Trainers on Planet Fitness. Your goal is to make up a galactical fitness plan for your classmates to perform.
Something To Crow About! - (5-8) Working in your lab groups, conduct a search on the web to discover facts about eggs.

external image newburst.gif Too Hot To Handle – (9-12) You are members of a special task force convened by the National Board of American Coaches (NBAC) to stop further heatstroke deaths in sports.
Wellness WebQuest - (6-8) Your goal in this project is to become familiarized with the latest terminology of physical fitness, improve yourself with healthier eating habits, learn about preventive medicine, as well as how to take care of injuries, educate yourself on healthful lifestyles, and of course, sports, sports, sports.

American Dreams through the Decades - (4-12) This quest challenges students to investigate the American Dream...look through the eyes of those who lived before us.
The Bermuda Triangle - (6-8) Upon completion of this quest, your class should have developed their own ideas about the Bermuda Triangle and will have the opportunity to debate the truth about these mysterious waters.
Celtic Mythology - (5-8) The year is 57 A.D. and your Celtic tribe has been pushed into Ireland by invading Roman forces! In order to save your culture, you are placing oral history and religion into written form.
Climb It!!!! - (5-8) You have been assigned as a guide for a Mount Everest expedition. You will be instructing four, experienced climbers on how to reach the summit.
Discover The Renaissance - (9-12) Your Mission is to leap into the life of a character listed in the quest. Find out as much as possible about your character including social status, daily life, talents and occupation.
Endangered Species WebQuest - (1-4) Students will act as researching naturalists for an endangered species committee. Their job will be to find specific information concerning five endangered animals.
The Extremely Abbreviated Voyage of the S.S. Adventure - (6-8) You and your classmates will be challenged to work together to survive in inhospitable climates. You will research and explore the natural resources available to you in your struggle for survival, and create the necessary items for your continued existence.
Find The House Of Your Dreams - (6-8) After studying the given building site, your job, is to evaluate several floor plans, select the most appropriate to fit a given building site, work within a specified budget, and specify the type of doors, windows, floor covering, cabinets, roof covering, insulation, heating system, plumbing fixtures, and exterior finish that will be used in your house plan.
The Fire Burns On - (6-8) Your task is to take on the role of a member of a song writing team. You are competing for the job of writing a remake of Billy Joel's hit, "We Didn't Start the Fire".
Fly Right - (6-8) Congratulations! The XYZ travel agency in Warren, MI as a travel agent has hired you. Today you are assigned to the air reservations desk. Several customers called during the morning and you need to help them with their travel plans.
The Gang of Fifteen: (4-10) Students identify the country, identify the currency unit, calculate exchange rates, and determine the amount of money spent by the gang.
Global Warming - (9-12) This quest challenges students to take on the roles of individuals attending a U.N. conference on climate control.
external image newburst.gifSearch for Animal Habitats(Sol S3.5, 3.6) (Sol E 3.1, 3.2, 3.7,3.10) This WebQuest was created to provide an Internet project for students to use to study several of the Standards of Learning for Virginia.
external image girl8flowers.gifexternal image boy1.gif
Polar Ice Camps - (9-11) A successful completion of this quest will enable the student to better understand the importance of the polar ice caps and their effects on the global environment.
Savannah Safari - (2-6) Take a trip to an African Savannah as a newspaper reporter.
The Sixties A Magic WebQuest Ride - (6-8) Through this WebQuest, the student will be able to get a sense of the 1960s. The students will meet people, experience war, witness stunning scientific advances and absorb new ways of communication.
World Hunger - (9-12) This web quest is designed as an interdisciplinary instructional unit for high school history, home economics and English or journalism students. Biological sciences may also be included for a more in-depth study of the metabolic processes occurring within the human body during starvation and deprivation.
Year-Round School - (6-8) Students assume different roles to determine if their school should switch to year-round.
1984 (9-12) This story takes place in what George Orwell feels is 1984. The country is ruled by The Party, which is headed by Big Brother. Big Brother is all seeing, and all knowing.

Architecture: Scraping the Sky (6-8) Skyscrapers were first built in Chicago and New York City. Because of the limited space and the escalated land prices it was necessary to build upward. Your job is to compare data on some of the world's tallest skyscrapers.
Are We Covered? An Insurance Issue Web Quest (9-12) Since insurance impacts all of us and will be a serious concern of yours in your near future, it is important that you learn to examine different aspects of the insurance business.

external image newburst.gifBiography of a Mathematician (6-8) Mathematics surrounds us. But where is it? And who the heck was responsible for thinking of this stuff!?!
external image newburst.gifBuild Your Dream Home (6-8) Congratulations! Your Uncle Squeaky has just won the lottery. He's giving you the opportunity to build the house of your dreams.
external image newburst.gifBuying Your First Car - (9-10) Students will learn what it takes to buy their first car.

external image newburst.gif Call Me – (9) You will compare the rates of 10 - 10 numbers to the rates of regular long distance carriers.
external image newburst.gifCavern World – (9-12) Students will design a cavern world by completing the sections and answering the following questions. Make the cavern world believable and answer the questions in each section.

external image newburst.gif Charts and Graphs – (9-12) After learning the basics about business graphics from several sites, students will surf some destinations that will provide them with data they can then use to create their own graphs.

Decorating Your House! - (6-8) You are in charge of decorating a house. You will be required to research how much it will cost to put down carpet and linoleum, paint and wallpaper the walls, and furnish it with the simplest and most basic furniture you would need for a house.
external image newburst.gifDream World (6-8) So what are you going to do after high school? Given it any thought? Maybe go to school, get a job, buy a new car, or move out of your parents' house.
Evaluating Math Games - Shall we play a game? - (7-12) A math game, that is. We are going to explore the vast world of games (educational) on the net. In fact, there is so much fun out there that we need to be a little selective.
external image newburst.gifFirst Time Buyers (6-12) You are the hottest young real estate agent in town - selling more houses each month then all other agents combined!

external image newburst.gifFun with Tangrams – (9-12) This lesson will help students understand some geometric concepts with the aid of tangrams.
The Gang of Fifteen
This WebQuest asks students to stop a gang of fifteen from conspiring to destroy all the crosswalks in the world.

Go Spurs Go! (9-12) Your group entered a contest to be the coach for the SPURS for the next season. Your group won the contest!! Your group must now decide which players to keep and which ones to trade.
Hockey Salary Creator Who deserves to be paid millions of dollars? Do you?

external image newburst.gif In Pursuit of Mice with Math – (9-12) Students will plan and budget a class trip to Disney World. Appropriate for an Applied Math class.
external image newburst.gif Introduction to Probability – (9-12) Students explore the difference between experimental and theoretical probability
Investing for the Future Are you interested in having enough money in the future to buy what you want to buy? Would you like to live with financial freedom?
Learning About the Stock Market If you want to learn about the stock market this is a good place to start. This will help the beginner to become familiar with how the stock market works and how to interpret the "market jargon".
external image newburst.gifLearning Roman Numerals (6-8) Come along and let's travel back in time to Ancient Rome around 500 B.C. Image no television, no radio, and a completely different way of living. After you have adjusted to this way of life, you still have one major adjustment to achieve - the numbering system.

external image newburst.gifMake it Beautiful – (9-12) Students will make the classroom move beautiful by designing a landscape project, estimating its cost, selling the project to their fellow students, and plant it.
Major Leagues - (9-12) This project on baseball will involve using mathematical concepts to evaluate the baseball players on Major League teams. This project will provide students an opportunity to utilize probability (expectation values) in a real world situation.

Math Analysis Airplanes – (9-12) Students will research designs for paper airplanes. Students make planes that will be used in several different class competitions and the results of the competition will be used to compute statistics.

Math Models & Economics – (9-12) This WebQuest was designed to fulfill most of one semester requirement for Math Models and Economics courses for high schools. It includes: Buying/Leasing a vehicle; Buying/Renting a house; Budget and Career; and Investment.
Math Olympics - (7-9) After members gather information and statistics, your team will prepare a multimedia presentation on the history, statistics, and the future of your specific sport for the Olympic Committee.
Mathart: Connecting Math and Art (9-12) Connecting Geometry and Art
MoneyCents! (6-8) One very fortunate elementary class has been asked to represent the school at the "Small Fries" Convention in Disneyland. All expenses have been paid except for the $250.00 airfare to get there!
Money, Money, Money (6-8) he money in my pocket just doubled. Would you like to double yours?
Mutual Funds (6-8) You will purchase $10,000 dollars worth of mutual funds. Using the Internet and selected sources you will purchase funds from at least three different fund families.
Mutual Funds Making you Millions (6-8) Many individuals are investing in the stock market. The numbers of volumes of stocks bought are increasing month by month.
external image newburst.gifMy First Car - (9-12) Can you buy your own car? Where do you buy it? What about insurance? How will you pay for it?
external image newburst.gif NASCAR Numbers - (9-12) Students will "race" stock cars on virtual tracks. Scores are recorded; data is used in finding statistics. Students will research about NASCAR drivers and tracks. This site is appropriate for Algebra 1 or an Algebra 1B class.
Nobel Mathematicians (6-8) please do some research and decide who your choice is for "the greatest mathematician" will be and make your nomination.

external image newburst.gif Personal Budget WebQuest – (9-12) The objective of this WebQuest is for you to set up a budget that would allow you to live the type of life you would like.

external image newburst.gifRoad Block – (9-12) Students will study averages, data analysis, data manipulation, trends, and graphing while analyzing car insurance.

external image newburst.gif Puzzling Mathematics - (9-12) In this WebQuest, students will research games with a mathematical basis, make a model of the game and use it to teach the class how to play the game.

Roller Coaster Madness Your team is responsible for naming and designing the roller coaster. It is important to remember that this roller coaster is to be the fastest and most exciting roller coaster ever built.
Shop 'Til You Drop (6-8) You are the WINNER of the Cyberspace Mall's anniversary celebration. Your prize is a shopping trip of $500, including tax and shipping & handling. The only catch is that you will lose the entire prize if your total bill is under $450 or over $500.

external image newburst.gifSpace Station Phyve – (11-12) A WebQuest for High School Physics - Students will research and design a rotating space station or colony.
Stock Market WebQuest - (4-8) You have just inherited $50,000 dollars from your Uncle Bob's will. Since he had no children, he decided he would let you have his inheritance. However, as you know he was a stock investor and wanted you to follow in his footsteps.
external image newburst.gif Take Me Out to the Ball Game – (9-12) This activity will find the greatest baseball hitter of all time. Students will search the web for statistical data. From this data, they will determine the best ten years for various famous baseball hitters.

external image newburst.gif The Art of Mathematics – (9-12) Students will research a specific art form and teach the class how to create artwork using this form. Written for a Geometry class.
external image newburst.gif The Great Pyramid – (9-12) Students will build a scale model of the pyramids at Giza and compare them mathematically with each other and with some present day structure.
external image newburst.gif The Titanic - (6-8) This WebQuest will help you and an assigned partner to explore these topics and look at them from a mathematical perspective. In the process, you will find not only interesting facts and dramatic stories, but also numerous statistics related to the event.
external image newburst.gif Trilingual Packaging Dilemma – (9-12) Students will design a sturdy, attractive box for a game using triangles.
external image newburst.gifThe Vacation of Your Dream Awaits! You and three friends have decided to make your get-away, but get-away to where? Your group has an allowance of $2,000.00 per person for a seven-day trip
Wall Street "Warriors" Investment Club This project is intended to help students research, evaluate, and analyze financial information.
external image newburst.gifWhat Do You Mean You Can't Add Large Numbers? (6-8) So, you're embarrassed and have the "shakes" about adding large numbers. Hey, adults have this same problem - they just hate to admit it.
external image newburst.gif What's in a Line? – (9-12) Students will visit the Internet and see how linear equations come up in real life.
external image newburst.gif What's Your Favorite Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem – (9-12) Students will present one of the proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, develop their own proof, and grapple with related questions.
external image newburst.gif When Will I Ever Use This? - (9-12) The most common complaint that students have about mathematics and algebra in particular is "When am I ever going to use this".
external image newburst.gifWho Wants to be a Millionaire? - (9-12) Students will analyze career paths and investment habits needed to become a millionaire in one lifetime.
external image newburst.gif Yellowstone Caldera WebQuest – (9-12) Students will make predictions about volcanic activity and damage based on historical data.
Your First Paycheck (9-12) - Students will learn if it would be wiser buying a pair of Nike's or Reebok’s today, or should they invest that money by buying some of their stock?
external image newburst.gif Your Opinion Sells – (9-12) Students will design, conduct, analyze and write up a student opinion poll.

external image research.gif
Ethics and the Internet- (9-12) In this activity, students will learn about the accepted rules for using "the net", about copyright laws, and about some of the agencies that are trying to regulate activities on this huge network.
"Fact" versus "Fiction" - (6-9) Within this WebQuest different sites were examined and questions were answered to determine whether the information given fell under 'Fact' of 'Fiction.'
Introduction to the Internet - (5-8) Students will learn how to use different search engines and find a variety of sites on the internet.
Learning How To Create A Contemporary/ Fine Art Portfolio Using the Internet - The purpose of this lesson is to show teachers how to create a computer layout using PageMill and the internet as a tool of instruction for students
What Makes a Good Website?- (5-6) This unit was developed to teach fifth and sixth grade students how to look critically at websites and evaluate them according to certain criteria. This exercise was designed to be used after an introduction to websites.

external image science.gif
external image newburst.gif A Cell is a Small City – Students will explore the similarities between cells and cities.
external image newburst.gif A Wind in the Door - Just how close is fact to fiction? Students will compare and contrast what they have read in this sci-fi fantasy to the facts you learn in their biology class.
external image newburst.gif Alternative Energy Sources – (9-12) Students will perform a feasibility study for an energy company to find alternatives to fossil fuels.
Animal Quests

external image newburst.gif Ark Helpers Society – (9-12) As members of the Ark Helpers Society students are zoo keepers who must design an informational brochure of an endangered or threatened animal of their choice.
Archaeology WebQuest - (4-6) You are an archaeologist from Kampsville, Illinois. You are studying the eight periods of Illinois Native American history and want to find out about similar periods, but in different geographical areas in North America.
Asteroid mining - an action-comedy puppet show – (9-12) Students will research potential asteroid mining techniques and develop an educational action-comedy puppet show about these techniques.

Bay Quest – (9-12) Students will examine the causes of nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.
external image newburst.gif Atomic Structure – (9-12)
Students will research an element from the periodic table and write a children's book
external image newburst.gif BioDesigns, Incorporated – (9-12) You need to invent a genetically engineered product and then summarize all of your findings and research in a report to Ms. Bio.
external image newburst.gif Biohazards: CDC Trainee – (9-12) This WebQuest will to teach students about infectious diseases. The setting is Argentina so that they will learn about the people and culture of an area other than their own while simulating the work of a team of epidemiologists.

Biology battle of the century: The human genome project vs the top 10 world problems – (9-12) external image newburst.gif Students will determine how to use information from the human genome project to help solve 10 global problems.

external image newburst.gifBones and the Badge – (9-12) Students will solve five authentic mysteries by examining forensic evidence on the web and in your classroom.

external image newburst.gif Bottle Rocket Challenge – (9-12) Students will design a rocket for NASA while analyzing flight based on prior knowledge of physics.

Butterflies Quests
external image newburst.gif Cavern World – (9-12) In this Interdisciplinary unit, students create their own world using science, math, government, economics, and English.
Camouflage: Surprise! Surprise! It's a Disguise! (SOL 2.7) Students learn about camouflage and animals in order to create exhibits for their fellow students about particular animals about it.
City in Space – (9-12) In this WebQuest, the students will become colonists on the International Space Station.

external image newburst.gif Cloning WebQuest – (9-12) Students will study the ethics of gathering human stem cells from early stage human embryos for treatment of Parkinson's

external image newburst.gif Colonize Mars or Not? – (9-12) This quest will help students decide if you want to support the activities of others wanting to colonize Mars or not.

Composting WebQuest - (5) Students will search several worm web sites, read composting books, and answer specific questions to create your own section to our homemade classroom book. This book will be presented as an introduction to the incoming 5th graders.
external image newburst.gif Cracking Dams! – (9-12) Students will explore how dams break and what happens as a result.

external image newburst.gif Creating the 8th Continent – (9-12) Students will design a utopian society on a new continent

external image newburst.gifCyber Science Mag – (9-12) Students will create an online science magazine on an animal, a scientist, or a scientific current event.
Deserts Quests
Dinosaur Quests
Endangered Animals Quests
The Extremely Abbreviated Voyage of the S.S. Adventure - (6-8) You and your classmates will be challenged to work together to survive in inhospitable climates.
Design a Zoo - Your class is about to build a new mammalian zoo in your neighborhood. In order to do this your team will need to find out about a mammal and its habitat (where it lives). You must choose a mammal and find out about its environment.
external image newburst.gif DNA Profiling – (9-12) Students will investigate of the issues surrounding DNA profiling.

external image newburst.gifDiscovering Bats!
In this Web Quest about bats, the Mayor of the City is considering exterminating (killing) the bats in her city. She believes that bats are disease-infested, good-for-nothing, evil beasts that are bloodthirsty and should be done away with. Public safety is very important. What should she do?
external image newburst.gifDiscovering Rocks!
It is your job to demonstrate to the Mayor that rocks do have a natural cycle to them just as water has a cycle.

external image newburst.gif Don't Drink the Water! – (9-12) Students will analyze a case study of illness caused by waterborne organisms, identify the cause, and design and test a remedy.
external image newburst.gif Earthquake! – (9-12) Students will learn more about earthquakes and where they are most likely to happen. Find a safe zone for some earthquake refugees.
external image newburst.gif El Nino or El No-No – (9-12) Students will collect data, organize it in an appropriate graphic form, and analyze it for the purpose of making weather predictions in your community.
external image newburst.gif Element ADventure – (9-12) Based on their Internet research of an element, students will design a commercial to advertise their element.
external image newburst.gif Endangered Species – (9-12) Your team will work together to understand why this particular animal is disappearing, and how you can help.
external image newburst.gif Endangered Species – (9-12) Students will write an article to show what causes endangered species, which species are endangered and how to help/invent species in trouble
external image newburst.gif Energy Quest – (6-12) Oh NO! The year is 2050 and the earth has run out of non-renewable energy resources. Students must research a renewable resource, write a proposal and make a presentation to the Secretary-General of the UN.
external image newburst.gif Evolution WebQuest – (9-12) Students will review several sites on evolution and address their own misconceptions about the theory by creating a webpage to help other students understand the Theory of Evolution.
external image newburst.gif Exhibit A: Forensics WebQuest – (9-12) Chemistry students will learn how a forensics investigation makes use of available technologies.
external image newburst.gif Exploring Mars – (9-12) Students will take on a role in the colonization of Mars.
Galaxy Girls - (5-6) Detective Adventures on Earth in The Case Of The Missing Diamond - The primary objective is to help girls stay active in math and science. This activity combines friendship and mystery with math and science to provide a motivating and encouraging learning experience for girls.
external image newburst.gif Galapagos: Islands Suspended in Time – (9-12) Students will grapple with the question of whether and how to protect the Galapagos from human encroachment.

external image girl4.gifexternal image boy4.gif
external image newburst.gif GE Foods - Friend or Foe? – (9-12) What are genetically engineered foods and are they dangerous to our health and to our environment? Students will look at both sides of the issue and then discuss findings at the "World Food Conference".

external image newburst.gif Genes: The Building Blocks of Life – (9-12) Students will decide how to allocate funding for different types of genetics research.

external image newburst.gif Genetica's Dilemna – (9-12) Preparing city council decision on production of genetically modified corn. Should Acme Seed be allowed to test and sell their corn to Genetica?

external image newburst.gif Global Warming - (9-12) At a UN conference on climate control, different special interest groups research and then argue their side. The end product will be a consensus on what to do.

external image newburst.gif GM Foods – (9-12) The owner of a new supermarket must decide whether to stock foods containing GM organisms.
Gold: All That Glitters - (3-5) Your task will be to read and learn about gold and see how this topic can be studied from different points of view.
Hatching Chicks - (3-5) Working in a group, you and your partner will search several web sites, read portions from several books and you will create a home made egg candler.
Hello Dolly: (6-12) This web quests explores cloning and the various implications to society of the issue.
external image newburst.gif Homeward Bound - (4-7) As park rangers you will identify the lost African animals. After you know what the animals are you need to find out where they live so they can be transported safely back to their home habitat.
external image newburst.gif Honey, I've Shrunk! Motion, Work Power and Machines - (9-12) Your family and you spend a Sunday night watching the video, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!" and to your surprise and chagrin, you wake up the next morning 1/3 the size you were when you went to bed! Using your knowledge of physics you adapt to your new circumstances.

How Far Does Light Go? (8-12) This project engages students in an examination of the scientific properties of light using evidence from the Web.

external image newburst.gif I Am Joe's... – (9-12) Students will learn about structure, function and medical importance of a part of the body and write a report similar to the "I Am Joe's" and "I Am Jane's" series of articles published in Reader's Digest in the 1970's.
external image newburst.gif I Want My Mummy – (6-12) Who should be granted possession of the remains of a newly discovered Pharaoh: the archaeologist who unearthed it, descendants of the Pharaoh, a museum curator, or the government of Egypt?

external image newburst.gif It's All About Bonding – (9-12) Use the Periodic Table as a guide to determine why certain compounds can or cannot mix -- why they either form bonds or remain in conflict.
Insects Quests

external image newburst.gif John Merrick: An Extraordinary Life – (9-12) The quest is about the life of John Merrick "The Elephant Man." Students research Merrick's life, disease, personality, etc. to create a 3-part medical journal. They will also produce a 5 paragraph persuasive essay on their opinion of Mr. Merrick's character.
external image newburst.gif Lagoon Lament – (9-12) Students will work together to find a way to restore and preserve the ecological balance and beauty of a local waterway threatened by users with conflicting interests.

external image newburst.gif Love Canal Debate – (6-12) This WebQuest is about a situation involving the dumping of hazardous wastes at Love Canal, New York. This is an interdisciplinary activity, which includes Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts.
external image newburst.gif Mad Cow WebQuest – (9-12) A WebQuest based on responses to the Mad Cow epidemic.
Machines - Simple Machines - (5-9) Students will learn definitions and to identify examples of simple machines. They will then be able to investigate various compound and complex machines and locate examples of each simple machine defined.
external image newburst.gif MagLev: Moving Into the Future – (9-12) Students will research the science, the existing systems and pros and cons of magnetic levitation trains.
external image newburst.gif Make it Beautiful – (9-12) Students will design for their classroom, a landscape project, estimate its cost, sell the project to their fellow students, and plant it.

external image newburst.gif Meeting our Energy Needs on Mars – (9) Students will decide, by consensus, which energy source is most suitable for use on Mars.

external image newburst.gif Mission to Mars – (9-12) Students will create a newscast, diary, autobiography and logo around the first human voyage to Mars.
external image newburst.gif Motion - (K-5) You are needed to help the baby animals to go back into their safe cages. Your group must learn about the animals and how they move from place to place
external image newburst.gif Murder in the Tropics: Dying Coral Reefs – (9-12) This quest is a mystery concerning the dying coral reefs, concentrating on team work and problem solving.
external image newburst.gif NASA Project – (9-12) Students will determine whether the mystery substance from Mars is alive.
external image newburst.gif Nobel Prize for Women in Science – (9-12) A discovery-learning project mixed with writing and consensus-building, students discover famous women scientists through simulating a mock Nobel Prize Committee made of famous 20th Century women scientists.
external image newburst.gif Nuclear Power in Seaside – (9-12) students develop a special report as to how nuclear power will affect a community and if it should be used at all.
Ocean/Water Quests
external image newburst.gif Operation: St*rfish - (6-8) (L.S.7, L.S.9, L.S.10, L.S.12) The two ocean environments that your team may explore in their quest are the coral reefs and the tidal pools. Your team goal is to find out as much information as you can about one of these habitats.
external image newburst.gif Organic Chemistry in the News – (9-12) Students will become science correspondents for the local newspaper and have to provide stories to the papers' editor regarding local topics pertaining to organic chemistry.

Out of this World Scientists - (6-8) You will work in a group of 3-5 scientific historians and find the World's Greatest Scientist
external image newburst.gifPeriodic Poster Project - (9-12) Students identify similarities and differences among the elements using interactive periodic tables.
external image newburst.gif Planet Earth Conflict Yellowstone Wolf – (9-12) Students will analyze the wolf situation in Yellowstone and assess whether or not they should be removed.
external image newburst.gif Planetary Predictions – (9-12) Students will design a planet; predict tectonic plate movement and climate.
external image newburst.gif Poetry and the Planets – (9-12) Students will create a poem that uses metaphor and simile to describe the appearance of planetary surfaces.
external image newburst.gif Polar Ice Caps - (9-12) Students will look at exploration at the polar ice caps and then plan a trip. Interdisciplinary.
external image newburst.gif Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis WebQuest – (9-12) Students will decide if early stage embryos should be tested for cystic fibrosis before implantation?
Pumpkin Patch - (3-5) Students will design, develop, and promote a pumpkin patch in their schoolyard.
external image newburst.gif Rainforest Dilemma – (9-12) Students will assume roles of various stakeholders concerned with the fate of a Malaysian rainforest.
Rain Forest Quests
Recycling Quests
external image newburst.gif Robots: New Age Assistants – (9-12) Students will design a robot to explore Antarctica

external image newburst.gif Roller Coaster – (9-12) Students will explore energy conservation through the history, science, and engineering of roller coasters.

external image newburst.gif Romeo and Juliet – (9-12) An interdisciplinary quest using Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare combining science and literature.

external image newburst.gif Space Station Phyve – (9-12) Students will research and design a rotating space station or colony.
Solar System Quests

external image newburst.gifStar Broker – (9-12) Students will research a constellation and write a real estate brochure advertising it to the public.
external image newburst.gif That's a Possibility: UFOs - (9-12) Students will debate on the existence of UFOs.

external image newburst.gif The Technowarp Cyberquest – (9-12) Students will go back in time to 2001 to prevent the destruction of the world by investigating the damage caused by technology.
external image newburst.gif This Cold House – 99-12) Students will design a remodeling plan for a house that could be more energy efficient. A limited budget is available for the project and clues are described in narrative and floor plans.
external image newburst.gif Tinkering with Mother Nature – (9-12) Students will study impact of genetically-modified foods on society, economics and the environment is examined.
external image newburst.gif To Dredge or Not To Dredge – (9-12) Students will use the power of the internet to form an opinion about a controversial environmental issue.
external image newburst.gif To Fund or Not To Fund... – (9-12) Students will decide if they support the Human Genome Project continue?
external image newburst.gifTops and Bottoms-A Gardening Quest - (3-5) Your job will be to research 8 vegetables and then decide as a team which 4 vegetables you will plant in your garden to make the profit you need.
external image newburst.gif Walker's Watermelon – (9-12) Students will search for information to solve a question. They will work individually at first, then form a group concensus. They then present their answer to the question in video format using IMovie 2 to edit the video
external image newburst.gif Water Woes – (4-12) The Indian River Lagoon estuary is facing some serious problems, both in the water and out. Many different types of groups want to use the waterways for a variety of reasons, most of which appear to conflict with each other. Is there a way the groups can work together to preserve both the beauty and recreational pleasures of this unique waterway?
external image newburst.gif What about Wood – (9-12) We are experiencing shortages of certain species of wood. Students will analyze why this is happening and predict based on their investigation how long they will have the species that they have and what they will do to replace wood when it is all gone, if we let that happen.
external image newburst.gif Who is the Kennewick Man? – (9-12) Was the Kennewick Man a Native American or was he from Europe? This WebQuest explores these questions.
Weather Quests
What were the first computers like? - (5-9) Students research and report on the development of computers.
external image newburst.gifSave the Whales - (SOL 4.5) -Students research the issue of captive whales and make recommendations for an action plan to be followed by other students.
external image newburst.gifScience Careers: Camera, Action, Roll The Film- (SOL 8) Students explore science careers and make a movie using that career as its basis
external image newburst.gifWater Travels in Cycles (SOL 3.9) Students learn about the water cycle and its relationship to drought problems
external image newburst.gifWater Cycle - (SOl 3.9) Precipitation, evaporation, and condensation are all terms that you recognize, but what do they really mean? They are all part of the water cycle, which is a complex process that not only gives us water to drink, food to eat, but also helps our plants grow.
external image newburst.gifEndangered Species - Here you will be guided toward gathering facts about an endangered species of your choice. You will find detailed information pertaining to the animal's natural habitat, appearance, eating habits, and natural enemies and defenses. You will also determine the status of your animal and what can be done to help it.
external image newburst.gifSimple Machines - As you explore this WebQuest you will learn about the six simple machines, their history and how they make our lives easier. You will also get to create your own complex machine made up of simple machines. Have fun!!
external image newburst.gifPlanet Quest - (3-6) Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help NASA [your teacher] select which planet should be explored next.
external image boy1.gifexternal image girl1.gif
external image newburst.gifSaving Polluterville: - (SOL 5.6) An Ocean Pollution Investigation - your small group will become an investigation team, in search of pollution's impact on the ocean and pollution solutions. Each member of your group will take a special investigation role. Your investigation will help you convince the town of Polluterville to stop polluting.
external image newburst.gifVolcanoes - This Geology/Earth Science lesson is recommended for students in 5th through 8th grades and involves Geography as well as Language Arts.

external image socials.gif
African-American Inventors - (6-8) Mrs. Haney, a television producer, has been given the task of creating a mini-series for Black History Month. She has hired you, as part of a team of researchers and writers, to create a program on a famous African-American inventor.
external image newburst.gifAll Roads Lead to Rome(SOL 3.1) Students are Time Explorers whose task is to become experts in ancient Roman civilization in order to create an accurate museum exhibit based on their experiences
American Dreams through the Decades - (4-12) This is designed as an interdisciplinary project. This quest challenges students to investigate the American Dream...look through the eyes of those who lived before us.
external image newburst.gifA Medieval Exploration (9-12) The National Institute for Preservation of Humanities has selected a crew of four individuals to travel back in time and explore Medieval Europe for a historical movie that will be filmed next year. The institute wants the team to compile information from first-hand research and observation.
Ancient Greeceexternal image newburst.gif - (7-12) You have been selected to be a tour guide for this recreated city. In order to guide your tourists, you will adopt one of the roles listed below and gather information about your role.
Australia WebQuest - (1-3) By clicking on the pictures on this page you will be able to find answers to questions you may have about Australia, its people, its customs, its climate, and much more. You will also be able to send e-mail to your keypals in Australia.
Avoid It Like The Plague!!! -(6-9) One physician, one guide, one spiritual advisor (bishop), and a diarist/scribe travel across Europe on horseback on a fact-finding expedition on the Black Plague.
Aztec and Maya WebQuests
Bill of Rights - (5-8) You heard on the evening news that a committee in Washington has met and decided to do away with the Bill of Rights. The committee also announced that it would hear testimony from anyone wishing to speak in defense of the Bill of Rights and argue to keep it.
Board Games of the Ancient World - (5-6) People of ancient civilizations invented board games. Some of their games are still played today, but in a different form. Others were forgotten. You and your teammates will explore some of the games of the ancient world.
Bridges Connect!(SOL 2.2) Student groups compete with each other to create a winning bridge design for Richmond, Virginia
Can we find the "Ms" in US History? Women's Role in History: - (6-8) From the beginning of the human race, societies have separated the jobs of women and men. Some of those roles came by nature, but most were created and continued by custom and religious beliefs.
Canada a Family Vacation - (4-6) Canada, our neighbor to the north, is a vast land. Canada is made up of several regions. Each region has its own special features that it is proud to share with the rest of the world. Your job, as a group, is to plan a one-week vacation for a family of four.
Celtic Mythology - (5-8) The year is 57 A.D. and your Celtic tribe has been pushed into Ireland by invading Roman forces! You fear that the powerful enemy army will annihilate your people. In order to save your culture, you are placing oral history and religion into written form.
Charles Lindbergh – (6) It contains an in depth look at his famous flight over the Atlantic Ocean. This lesson was designed to be a part of a U.S. History unit on the 1920's. This lesson is designed to be part of a sixth grade social studies unit. It could be contained in a U.S. History unit looking at the early 20th century or the history of flight.
China WebQuests
Chicago WebQuest - The class is taking a field trip to downtown Chicago in May. You need to do research on some of the different sites that we will be visiting.
external image newburst.gifCivics -(S0l 7) Welcome to your Civics Review WebQuest! Over the next several days you will be using this activity to help you review the structure of local, state, and federal government and develop a better understanding of how government works and how you can make it work for you!
external image newburst.gifCivil War BattleQuest - The War of 10,000 Places - The Civil War was the war of 10,000 places from Fort Sumter to Appomattox Courthouse, from First Manassas to Gettysburg, on land and sea, in swamp and forest. The entire South was one big battlefield with everyone involved in the war effort. It was the only American war where brother fought against brother, father against son, and neighbor against neighbor.
Colonial America - (5-6) as a team you will be able to explore the European conquest of the American continent from the viewpoint of a Native American.
The Decade of the 20th Century - (7-12) You are a member of a team of researchers. Your team's task is to explore the decades of the twentieth century and identify the decade, which, in your team's opinion, is the most significant historically.
external image newburst.gifEducation in the Information Society (9-12) A million dollars was up for grabs. The President of the United States issued the challenge. Nationwide, whichever high school achieved the greatest increase in their average ACT scores would receive the prize.
external image boy7.gifexternal image girl7.gifElections Quests
Expedition to Countries of the World - (6-8) Students are going to research the many countries of our world to find the differences and the similarities among them.
external image newburst.gifExplorers - (2) You have explored the world and discovered new oceans and continents. Now it is time to compare and contrast three of these explorers. You must decide if they were great adventurers or greedy men searching for gold and spices.
external image newburst.gifExploring Japan - The lesson is for a fifth grade class. It involves geography and language arts.
A Feudalism WebQuestJapan and Europe - (8-12) You are about to travel back in time and across the continents to examine two distinctively different cultures with a similar social structure. At the end you must judge which system had greater negative consequences upon the people, culture, and future development of the region.
Four Great Thinkers of the Past: - (9-12) Students will learn some political philosophy and debate over a modern issue in the role of an assigned philosopher.
Freedom Of The Press Vs. Prior Review - (9-12) Romeo (a senior) and Juliet (a freshman) are students in your high school who committed suicide after their families tried to keep them apart due to their age differences. Your student newspaper wants to devote most of the next issue on this news story.
A Gathering of Cultures - Members of many tribes will be attending a special powwow. Your tribe has been asked to attend the ceremonies and you must prepare an introduction of your tribe. In the spirit of the powwow you and your tribe members will be sharing what makes your tribe special.
external image newburst.gifGenetically Engineered Food (9-12) Today technology is available to ensure the success of crops using biotechnology, yet there is still hunger.
The Gilded Age Documenting Industry in America - (9-12) This WebQuest concerns the major themes of the Gilded Age in American History. Historians coined the term “Gilded Age” in an effort to illustrate the outwardly showy, but inwardly corrupt nature of American society during the industrialization of the late 1800's.
Gold Rush Players - (4) You will produce, stage, direct, cast and costume a play about the real and rollicking Gold Rush in California.
The Great Depression - (6-8) Students will assume the role of a person in that profession living in the Great Depression. Use the resources to explore your economic choices for your family.
Gun Control - (8-12) You have been hired as a freelance reporter for the Daily Journal. Your assignment is to investigate and write an in depth report on advantages and disadvantages of "gun control".
Halifax Explosion - On December 6, 1917, an event took place in the harbor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada that was to forever affect the lives of the its citizens as well as those of Boston, Massachusetts. Upon completion, students should have a better understanding of the results of any disaster of this magnitude on an unsuspecting population.
The Harlem Renaissance -Although the renaissance was over 70 years ago, this virtual tour will allow you to see and hear the sights and sounds of Harlem in the 1920's and 30's and you will experience a place where the people beamed with pride and celebrated their heritage and culture.
Hercules - (6-8) This trip would send customers back to Ancient Greece to watch an enactment of one of Hercules' 12 labors. Your job is to put together a brochure, newspaper article, or advertisement for such an adventure.
external image newburst.gifHidden Secrets Behind Our Historical Documents 17th & 18th Century Philosophers(SOL 12.10) Students will create documents for their school modeled after the famous documents of our country, using the same philosophers that the Founding Fathers used as their inspiration
external image newburst.gifHuman Genome Project (9-12) Heredity and Genetics Activity.
Jamestown - In this WebQuest, you are going to select an occupation and a name of one of the original Jamestown settlers. You will need to find out as much as you can about your occupation, what you contributed, and how important you were to the new colony. Next you will research information about a period of Jamestown's history with a team and create a diary.
Japan WebQuests
Johnny Tremain: The Revolutionary War- (6-8) After reading JOHNNY TREMAIN, students will explore the causes, conduct, and participants that brought about the American Revolution.
Kia Ora and Kisses From New Zealand - (3-5) Students will learn that the Maori people are a very proud people. They make their home in New Zealand, a group of islands in the South Pacific located near Australia.
external image newburst.gifKids Economics - a 3rd grade WebQuest about money.
Knights of Medieval Europe and Their Armor - Students will find out how a knight lived in the medieval times. They will search to find out what he eats, where he sleeps, what kind of clothes he wears, and what his job is.
Let's move the Capital (4-6) - To study all the different states, students try to locate the best state in which to move the US capitol.
external image newburst.gifLighthouses of Virginia(SOL 4.2) Students learn about lighthouses throughout Virginia in order to create an exhibit for the Mariners Museum
Little Rock 9: A collaborative WebQuest on racial desegregation in schools, the Little Rock 9 focuses on the year, 1957, when 9 African American students enrolled in Central High School. The quest encourages students to think about the world they live in now.
Look Who's Footing the Bill: - (9-12) This is an interactive web quest that asks students to explore democracy and the national debt.
Mahopa WebQuest Project external image newburst.gif - (5) You have accidentally destroyed five of the cultural components of the exhibit. You must recover information on the following culture areas: Shelter; Foodstuff; Clothing; Traditions; and Arts.
Mapping on the Net--A WebQuest - (6-8) Through the use of maps and map making activities, the student will the study the physical surrounding in their neighborhood, city, county, and state. The students will use or create political, physical, relief, topographic, and soils maps.
Menominee Dream Quest - (4-6) A quest about the Menominee Indians.
Middle Ages Creating a Medieval Villageexternal image newburst.gif - (6-10) Your job as a team is to research and develop a model for this village, create a brochure, and present your ideas in a slide show.
The Mongols - (9-12) The Mongols controlled the largest land empire in human. They were the most powerful army of their time and no country could defeat them. Your job will be to learn about their culture and their effect on other cultures.
Multiple Intelligences (MI) Web Hunt - (11-12) Students will learn more about Multiple Intelligences.
Native American WebQuest - The United States takes pride in being the leader of the free world and attempts to assist countries and native people from losing their homelands. Maybe we have learned from our mistakes.
Nuclear Power in Seaside - (9-12) Your task in "Nuclear Power in Seaside" is to join a team and take on one of the roles listed provided. You and your teammates will work together to create a Special Report for the town meeting that makes sense out of the complex issue of nuclear power.
external image boy7.gifexternal image girl7.gif
Out Of This World WebQuest -Hello, my name is Zebot. I am from one galaxy to the north of the Milky Way. I'd like to find out more information about your galaxy and your nine planets
Overcoming Adversity - (6-8) - Students will explore how others have dealt with adverse situations.
Paint Mount Rushmore Red -(9-12) This WebQuest can be used as a cross curriculum as well as in Social Science. To attain that experience, the Quest(ion) is posed: Should Leonard Peltier be set free by pardon or new trial?
The Pilgrim Life Adventure - (2-4) Do you who the Pilgrims were? Do you know where they came from? Why did they come to America on the Mayflower?
The Portuguese American - Learn about a culture rich in tradition and history. The Portuguese American Community offers students an interesting subject to study.
Prison Rights - (8-12) In this project, you will be exploring the opposing viewpoints on this topic, evaluating statistics, and reading about life in American prisons.
The Renaissance - (9-12) Your assignment will be to research one of the famous Renaissance intellectuals assigned to you, answer the designated questions, and portray the individual at a Renaissance meal.
Rock the Vote - (8) This unit is part of the eighth grade US History curriculum with links to Language Arts. It could easily be used in conjunction with the persuasive essay.
Searching for the Cortes - (6-8) Students will learn about Cortes.
Shawnee Scavenger Hunt - (7-9) Students will use links provided in this WebQuest to answer a series of fifteen questions about Tecumseh and the Shawnee nation.
The Sixties A Magic WebQuest Ride - (6-8) In this quest, students will be able to get a sense of the 1960s. The students will meet people, experience war, witness stunning scientific advances and absorb new ways of communication.
external image newburst.gifState Stories - You and a friend have been selected for a round trip to the destination of your choice within the 50 States of America. On the Arne-Tracy Travel Machine, you will be able to go to several of our beautiful United States.
Submarines: Where Are They Now? - (6-8) Your team will gather information about submarines. What became of the U-boats and US submarines of World War II?
Then and Now - (9-12) In this quest, students will experience and compare other cultures with their own and search for information about these cultures in non-traditional resources.
The Titanic Tragedy - (6-8) You are a reporter for the Indianapolis Star. The world does not know that the Titanic, which is supposed to be unsinkable, has sunk on her maiden voyage. You will report the sinking of the Titanic and will answer the following questions in your articles. Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Titanic WebQuest - A WebQuest about the Titanic
Tracing American History through Patriotic Music - (6-12) You and your composition team will create new lyrics for an existing melody. In order to accomplish this, students will become individual specialists in the use of patriotic music related to various periods of American history.
external image newburst.gifTransportation - This web quest will lead all participants to different locations on the World Wide Web around the world related to the theme transportation. In addition, to finding each site travelers may find useful information.
external image newburst.gifTricks of the Trade: Tradesmen of Colonial Williamsburg(SOL 4.3 & 5.3) Students learn about colonial trades and the politics of the times just before the American Revolution
Travel Poster WebQuest - Your team has been commissioned to compose a song that will be performed at the New Year’s Eve 1999 Celebration in Washington, D.C. Your patron’s request is that your song reflects the feelings of the American people on the eve of the millennium.
Vietnam WebQuests
external image newburst.gifVirginia is For Learning(SOL 4.1 & 4.2) Students research information about Virginia so that they can convince a large amusement park to choose Virginia as its home
external image newburst.gifVirginia's Political Race: U.S. Senate (SOL 7.2) Students follow the U.S. Senate race between Robb and Allen and choose for who they think will win
external image newburst.gifVotes for Women (SOL 6.2) Students research information about early activists in women's rights in order to create the winning poster for the school's History Hall of Fame
external image newburst.gifWhat If There is an Outbreak! While studying biology, often times we run across situations that seem to be impossible to handle. Communities of people have to handle much greater disasters daily.
Westward HO! WebQuests
external image newburst.gifWagon Ho - Web Quest designed for 4th-5th grades Social Studiesexternal image boy9farmer.gifexternal image girl9ball.gif
Where Would You Like To Live? - (6-12) You have just graduated from college and you have secured your dream job. You have been given the opportunity to live in any one of eight great cities. Where would you like to live?
Wonders of the World WebQuest (2-4) - The travel agency in your community would like to offer a Just For Kids Wonders of the World promotion, and they need your help
WW II WebQuests
1900-2000-(8-12) Are you tired of adults telling you what to do, and not letting you have a say about issues that pertain directly to YOU? Would you like to write a letter to the president of the United States and let him know where you stand on important issues and concerns?
1930's WebQuest - 8-12 Students will explore topics that are related to the 1930's using the World Wide Web. The "links" that students will find will help them begin to develop an understanding of some of the events surrounding the 1930's.

Let's Visit Mexico - (3-5) Buenos Dias, Amigos! As we learn more of the Spanish language it is important that we also learn about a country where it is spoken. Let's travel to Mexico to gather some facts!
Mexico City Earthquake - (9-12) The students will be engaged in gathering information related to the subject of earthquakes in general (how they work, safety issues/emergency preparedness, history, etc...) and the Mexico City Earthquake in specific.
VIAJAMOS A... - (8-12) A rich relative has decided to send you to the Spanish speaking country of your choice to immerse you in the language and culture.

Virtual Field Trips
A Field Trip to Washington D.C. - (6-12) We will be taking a field trip to Washington D.C. This will be a two-day trip. You will plan our class trip. You get to make all of the important decisions!
Adventure in The Big Apple - (6-12) NYC! The Big Apple! The Performing Arts Capital of the World! During your week you will visit museums, attend Theatre performances, hear music, see dancing and art, stay in a luxurious hotel, and eat some of the finest food the world has to offer!
Let's Take A Trip To Germany - (5-9) We are about to take a trip across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany, a country on the continent of Europe. We need to gather a few things from the Internet, and we need to learn a few things, too, so keep track of what you discover in your TRIP PLANNER.