What is PhotoStory?

PhotoStory is a free Windows program from Microsoft which allows you create a photo "slideshow" of images, text, and music. The end product is very similar to a PowerPoint presentation (although you don't need to click from slide to slide.) Although, we think PhotoStory is actually much easier to use than PowerPoint.

Why Use Photo Story?

PhotoStory at the Microsoft Website
Download PhotoStory for Free at Microsoft's Website
Movie Maker and Photostory
Editing Your Pictures
Saving Your Story
Photostory to DVD
Free Photos
Free Play Music
Find Sounds
Discovery School Clipart
Using Images in Lessons
Fee Clipart for kids
More Free Photos
Photo Zone
When would you use Photo Story?
At the Movies

Viewing examples of teacher and student created PhotoStories.
  1. To Introduce Curriculum - Oulessebougou-Eyes
  2. Engage Students - Student Demonstrations
  3. Assessment - Martin Luther King -Shoes
  4. Artistic Expression - Dance
  5. Activity Introduction-Shapes

Ideas For Your Photostory Project
  1. Shapes book
  2. Number book
  3. Famous Person, Biography or Autobiography
  4. How To Book
  5. Book Reports
  6. Feild Trip Report
  7. Day In the Life
  8. Scientfic Processes
  9. Cook Book
  10. Historical Person or Landmark
  11. My Hero
  12. Computer Tips

How to Use Photo Story
Photostory Step by Step
Microsoft's Website has lots of information on creating your first PhotoStory.
  1. Import Picture
  2. Organizing Pictures on the Timeline
  3. Edit Pictures
  4. Transitions - Ken Burns
  5. Text
  6. Narration
  7. Music
  8. Saving Project
  9. Viewing Your Story